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Important Counseling Information

 Changing/Dropping Classes

        → first 1-3 days: of the semester for adding new classes (very rare!).  Elective class changes are not possible owing to full courses.  If a student is missing a core class (science, math, world language, social studies, language arts), they should email me directly as soon as possible.  No student will ever be denied one of the core five classes!  Level change requests in core classes are often not possible due to full classes.

        → First 15 days: students may drop a class without penalty, however they must maintain the minimum number of classes (see below).

        → Days 16-30 = W grade will appear on the transcript (does not count against GPA; it is a placeholder on the transcript that says to colleges, “I dropped a class late in the semester”.

        → After 30 days = F grade on transcript unless there are extenuating circumstances (death in the family, severe mental health issues, etc.)

        → Level changing advanced/AP courses to regular courses: the first parent teacher conferences are the usual level change deadline (usually before the end of week number 6).  Again, level changes in core courses are possible only when space is available.  All level changes are initiated by the student with their teacher.