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Kathy Blessing TEACHER

Social Studies      

​Kathy Blessing currently teaches 9th grade World Geography and 10th grade World History. She was co-sponsor of the Gay Straight Alliance for years and recently passed the torch, but she will always be a strong ally for the LGBTQ community. She currently serves on the building and District Curriculum Councils. As the mother of four boys and a step-daughter, she understands the challenges that Boulder High parents are facing! Kathy enjoys hiking, cross country skiing, volleyball, and loves spending time with family!​ Her goal as a teacger is to engage all students in content that applies to their lives and helps prepare them to be involved and empowered members of their community.

 Class Schedule

1st Period 2225 World Geography T60
2nd Period
3rd Period 2226 World Geography T60
4th Period 2226 World Hist T41
5th Period
6th Period 2211 World Hist T41
7th Period 2211 World Geo T60
8th Period 2225 Freshman Seminar XFSA​