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Suzanne Guzman TEACHER

World Languages French    

​​​​​​​I have been teaching French in BVSD for 17 years, the last six at Boulder High School, and I love it! My goals are to share my passion for French and my love of learning and teaching with my students. I believe that ALL my students can speak French! My passions include French, travel, and an active lifestyle. I love being outdoors, running the trails and roads of Boulder with friends. In the summer, I enjoy combining travel with fitness. I walked the Camino de Santiago through Spain and love exploring French cities and villages on foot. I am a co-owner of Flatirons Running, a local running store in South Boulder.I am a certified yoga teacher, live in Boulder with my husband, Henry, and our two dogs, and am a proud mother of two accomplished grown children, Jeff and Jennifer.

 Class Schedule

1st Period
2nd Period 3354 French 1 F11
3rd Period 3365 French 2 F12
4th Period 3365 French 1 F11
5th Period 3365 French 2 F12
6th Period
7th Period
8th Period