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Construction Update #21


As we enter Fall, we are winding down the construction work at Boulder High.  We have a very close to completing our initial list of construction items. 

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The remaining items are the security door, the digital arts lab and theatre lights and rigging.  Completing punch list items will also be the focus of work in October.  At the end of October, the project manager and Turner staff will determine if there are monies to complete a few additional items at Boulder High School.

September 25, 2017:

  1. A new secured visitor entrance. The final installation of the door will be completed by the end of September.  This will allow all doors, including the main entrance to be locked during school hours. All BHS students will be able to access entrance to building through the FOB system that will be in their student IDs. All BHS students will be required to have their student IDs on them during school hours. Student IDs will be available during registration.
  2. New HD exterior cameras. Installation of cameras is complete and final adjustments are being completed on the cameras.
  3. Window Blinds. Installation of window blinds will be completed in the next month.
  4. Press Box at Recht Field- Punch list items are being completed at Recht field.  Demobilization of the equipment and repairing the west field are to be completed during October.
  1. Behind the scenes-HVAC testing and balancing continues this fall throughout the school.
  2. Theatre Lighting, Sound and Curtains-Work in the theatre is scheduled to wrap up the end of September.   
  3. Classroom painting- Touch up painting continues around Boulder High School.

I would like to thank the Boulder High Community for their patience and understanding as we worked through this project.  Staff and students have been thrilled to see and enjoy the improvements.

Note: Crews will be working will work Monday thru Thursday 4:00 pm – 2:00 am.

For more information about the Boulder High School Bond Project, visit the Bond Project webpage at:  

Boulder High School's Bond Project Webpage

What you need to know


ParkingBack to normal
Pick up/Drop offWill be available for student drop off and pick up.  Please do not use teacher parking lots 

Back to normal


Bike and pedestrian access

Back to normal


DeliveriesChange: Deliveries have reduced.
Utility disruptionTesting of system will continue. 

Outside:  Some delivery vehicles, regular loading/unloading of material. 


SmellsChange: Slight odor from low VOC paints.
Evacuation routesNo Change
Daily routine/internal traffic patterns (lunch, recess, etc.)N/A




16 January 2018