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Boulder High School

Boulder High School is a school within the Boulder Valley School District (BVSD). Located in Boulder, Colorado, this tuition-free co-educational public school serves approximately 2,190 diverse students in grades 9-12. 

How Is Our School Unique?

Founded in 1875 as part of the Preparatory School for the University of Colorado (CU), Boulder High is the oldest established high school in Colorado. To this day, we maintain a strong and unique partnership with CU. As an Advanced Placement (AP) Focus School, Boulder High offers one of the most comprehensive programs in the state, with nearly 30 AP courses across multiple disciplines and grade levels. Visual and performing arts have an excellent reputation. The pottery, photography and video production studios and science labs are state of the art. Boulder High has one of the district’s largest Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education (CLDE) programs, previously called ELD, serving students from 30 countries who speak dozens of languages with English as their second language. We also offer classes in five world languages: Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Latin.

Our downtown Boulder location provides our students with an enriched, expanded learning environment, where walking field trips allow convenient access to a plethora of learning opportunities, including visiting guest speakers/artists, cultural community activities, and CU’s libraries. Additionally, our proximity to CU benefits many of our juniors and seniors who take classes there. Boulder High is rich in diversity, and our staff and student body embrace, value, and respect the many cultural and social differences present throughout our school. ​

Our student body has a richness in diversity and talent that exemplifies the Boulder community. Our staff is committed to uncovering, sharpening, and supporting the development ​of our students' rich talents. Our aim is to produce graduates who are not only prepared intellectually for their futures but also have been offered every opportunity to find success.

Boulder High Ranks in Top 5% Nationally and in Colorado!

More than 17,000 schools were ranked on six factors based on their performance on state assessments and how well they prepare students for college. View the U.S. News Article for more details.

US News Best High schools
BHS Stats: 2023 School Stats

2023 Boulder High School Information

  • School Year: Two-semester system
  • School Day: Modified block schedule
    - Classes meet four days per week, with 75-minute periods.
  • Accreditation: Colorado Department of Education (CDE), Boulder Valley School District (BVSD)
  • Enrollment: 2,098 students
  • Student Ethnic Mix: 66% White, 24% Hispanic, 5% Multiethnic, 3% Asian, 1% Black, <1% Other.
  • Students Qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch: 24%
  • Graduates: 400-500 per year
  • College-bound: 85% enroll in college
  • Full-time Classroom Teachers: 75
  • Total Professional Staff: 106
  • Boulder High Offers...
    - Additional off-site, 3-hour vocational block (TEC) daily for 15 credits per semester
    - Concurrent Enrollment at University of Colorado for juniors and seniors


Our COMMUNITY and Our School District

Nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the city of Boulder is located 25 miles northwest of Denver.  At an elevation of 5,430 feet, the city's population is approximately 120,000.  Boulder's special beauty is complemented by its diverse culture. Supported by computer, aerospace, scientific and research firms, plus numerous small businesses, Boulder is clearly the entrepreneurial center of the Front Range.  The University of Colorado, which includes a 143-acre research park, encourages a productive relationship with the private sector. The Boulder Valley School District (BVSD) encompasses 752 square miles of Boulder County, including mountain, urban, and plains areas. There are 34 elementary schools, 17 middle schools, 12 four-year high schools, and a vocational-technical center. 

BHS Stats: 2019 BHS Teaching Staff Intro

Teaching Staff at Boulder High School

We are very proud of our teaching staff at Boulder High. ​​​​​Our teachers ​are highly qualified individuals who not only have a love for education but are dedicated to their students and provide them with a consistently challenging and satisfying learning experience. Approximately 35% of our staff have 20-plus years of teaching expertise, and roughly 30% have at least 10 years of teaching experience. More than two-thirds of our teachers have a master's degree and two have doctorates. A number of staff members in language arts, science, social studies, and world languages are readers/graders for the College Board's Advanced Placement Program. Furthermore, our teaching staff has a diverse and rich background, earning numerous honors and accolades in a wide variety of areas.

The power of this community truly lies in the power of our relationships and our commitment to the collective good. The strength of our teachers, the collaboration and support from our families, and the desire to do what is best for our students drives our success.Dr. Alana Morales, principal
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BHS Stats: Testing Accomplishments

Our Students' Academic Celebrations

Advanced Placement Accomplishments

In 2023, 800 students took 1,456 AP exams in 28 subject areas. Scores of 3 and above (of a possible 5) were earned by 81.13% of students.

Year 2021 2022 2023
 AP Scholars 96 118 109
 AP Scholars-Honors 52 41 62
 AP Scholars-Distinction 133 119 103
 AP International Diploma 4 3 2


National Merit Accomplishments

In the past several years, the National Merit Finalists from Boulder High School are listed below.

National Merit Finalists 2021 2022 2023
  4 3 4

College Entrance Exams Accomplishments

SAT 2023
  • Boulder HS  -- Reading=579; Math=553; Average=1132
  • Colorado      -- Reading=506; Math=484; Average=990