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Our Mission

The mission of Boulder High School is to graduate civically engaged students who are college and career ready.


Our Vision

At Boulder High School innovation, critical thinking, and creativity are cultivated so that individual potential is actualized, and all members of our school community are actively engaged in pursuing their dreams.

Our Values

We value...

  • all students, staff, family and community by embracing diversity and respecting individual strengths.
  • high expectations for all students, addressing unique learning needs through differentiated instruction.
  • academic pursuit, creativity, physical health, and the social emotional wellness of students.
  • collaboration based on trust, integrity, listening, compassion, accountability, respect, transparency and presuming positive intent.
  • our school as a place for everyone where societal inequities will not be a barrier to student learning.

* Note the Mission/Vision/Values of the Counseling Department and Athletics Department can be found on the BHS Counseling Website and BHS Athletic Website, respectively.