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Principal's Message

Dear Boulder High School Community,

On behalf of Boulder High School, I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year. Like many of you, look forward to good health and prosperity for our entire community in 2021. I know the past several months have been challenging for us all. The pandemic has forced us to change how we live and learn. However, as I expected, we continue to work together and show our strength as a community by remaining positive and strong in this time of uncertainty. 

As we look to transition back to-in person learning starting January 19, I wanted to share some information with you that will make our transition safe and smooth. In order to obtain this goal, we ask that you read through all of the information, and reach out to any administrator if you have questions or need clarification. 
Health and Safety

Our focus continues to center around the safety and welfare of our students, staff, and community, and we have taken many measures to keep everyone safe while still maintaining a strong focus on learning and academic achievement. All safety procedures must be followed by anyone entering the building. We also ask that everyone practice preventive behaviors outside of school. Doing so will support a safe return to school and help us keep our building open to in-person learning. For additional information, link to the Back Together BVSD Reintroduction page
COVID Screener 
A student WILL NOT be permitted to enter the building if their parent or guardian has not completed the Daily Health Screener in Infinite Campus. The Daily Health Screener MUST be completed the day of entry to the building; the screener cannot be completed a day prior. Additionally, only the parent/guardian can complete the Screener; students are not permitted to complete the screener on their own. Boulder High School cannot assist parents with completing the screener on site. Please refer to the following letter from our school nurse, Eileen Chacon, for further information about health guidelines and for a link to the screener: BHS School Nurse Letter to the Community
You can also link to the Student Daily Health Screener from the quick links menu on the Boulder High website

Required Personal Protective Equipment
Students MUST wear a face covering/protective mask over their mouth and nose while in the building and on school grounds at all times unless they are eating in a designated area or outside socially distanced. Students who do not comply with this district and county mandate cannot remain in their classes for the day, and parents/guardians will be immediately notified to come and pick up their child. Refer to this document for appropriate and acceptable face coverings/masks.
BVSD Assigned Cohorts

Students have been assigned a cohort and will attend in-person learning on Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday. Students can to see their assigned cohort in Infinite Campus under “BVSD Learning Group”. This lists the days that the student is expected to remain at home and participate in virtual learning. Mondays will remain an asynchronous/online learning day for all students. To maintain balanced cohorts for in-person learning, we must review and approve all cohort changes. To request a cohort change, parents must email Registrar Maria Valdez ( and Dr. James Hill ( Due to the need for building and safety preparations, the last day for cohort change requests will be Thursday, January 14. 

Open Campus 

BVSD high schools have made a decision to reopen campus for students during their in person learning days. This will help with social distancing throughout the building during lunch time and off periods. Please note that our lunch period is from 11:15-12:10 and students will be responsible to arrive to their class on time. Be aware that during the pandemic when students are in classes, we are strongly encouraging students to remain in classrooms unless it is critical for them to leave. In this case, they will be asked to check out of the room and then check back in upon reentry. We are also asking teachers to provide mask breaks for students outside. Please note that everyone in the building must have their mask on and worn properly over their mouth and nose. 

Building Process

Traffic Flow Inside BHS
Per BVSD, Boulder County Public Health and CDC guidelines, we can allow two-way traffic flow throughout our building. Students will be walking single file on each side of the hallway to ease traffic and reduce contact as much as possible. Students should continue to be mindful of the social distancing expectation in common areas. Hallways will be marked with decals to indicate traffic flow and direction. 

  • Students should sign-in and sign-out of their classroom by using the QR code on the doorway. 
  • Maintain social distancing within the restroom at all times. 
  • If the student enters the bathroom and they find that their ability to social distance inside is difficult, they should exit and wait until a student leaves before entering again.

Classroom Layout
Administration will set up the classrooms according to health and safety protocols. All classrooms will implement a seating chart, and students will be required to sit in their assigned seats. In addition to BVSD’s layered safety approach, all classroom’s will now include an additional air filter. 
Signing Out of Classrooms
We are strongly encouraging students to remain in their classes unless it is critical for them to leave.  Students will be required to sign out of classrooms digitally in order to assist in contact tracing. Students will complete the check-in and check-out process by using their smartphone to open a link through a QR code or by entering the link for the form on their laptop/chromebook. 
Water Stations
Individual water fountains have been turned off per guidance from Boulder County Public Health and the CDC. However, the water bottle filling stations will be open throughout the school. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle every day and use the water stations around the school to refill their bottles. We will also have one water bottle per student in which they can pick up when they enter the building.
PE/Locker Rooms
Health agencies and published guidelines recommend that students should not use locker rooms due to current COVID circumstances. We understand this decision is not without unintended complications.

  • Students participating in PE are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing appropriate for participation in PE classes when attending in person. 
  • CHSAA is not allowing locker room use for the fall sports season, which includes football. For all fall sports, players must arrive at practice ready to participate and add sport-specific equipment onsite. 
  • By not using locker rooms, we save time, resources, and manpower for sanitization.

Campus Procedures
Building Entry and Exit
Students will enter the building according to their last name. Look at the building entry points below and find your ALPHA ASSIGNED entry.

  • Main entry (north side): Last name beginning A–E
  • 17th Street lot (east side): Last name beginning F–L
  • Cafeteria (south side): Last name beginning M–S
  • Science wing (west side): Last name beginning T–Z   

Late Arrivals

  • Students who arrive late to school must use the main entrance and check in at the front office.  
  • Office staff will confirm the health screener is complete and then send the student to class.

Early Exits
If a student needs to be picked up before the end of the school day:

  • Families must call the main office and indicate the time they will be picking up their student.
  • Students must be signed out by the office staff.

Please note that nonessential visitors to campus will not be admitted unless first approved by the building principal as we transition back from Home Learning. Access to the building is restricted to students, faculty, and district personnel. Additionally, all people in the building must wear a cloth face cover/mask and comply with all BVSD and Boulder County Health Department guidelines, or they will be asked to leave the building immediately. 
Meal Service: Free In Person Breakfast and Lunch
All students can pick up a “grab and go” breakfast in the cafeteria from 8:10 to 8:40 am. Muffins, granola bars, bags of granola, cereal, fruit, and milk will be rotated for student consumption. Students must eat their breakfast in the cafeteria. They cannot take food into classrooms or wander the halls while eating. They can take food outside if time permits.
Lunch will be served from 11:15 am to 11:55 pm in the cafeteria, with two hot lunch choices each day. We will use two lines to serve the lunches, and students must practice social distancing while they wait to get their food. There will be signage on the floor to direct students. Here is the link to the lunch menu. When the weather is nice, we encourage students to go outside, on campus, to eat their lunches. Students can also eat in the cafeteria, library, auxiliary gym balconies, and the auditorium. Students must practice social distancing while eating their lunches. Students need to place their trash in the recycle and trash cans. Students who bring their own lunch are encouraged to eat outside, the library, auxiliary gym balconies, or auditorium to reduce the number of students in the cafeteria.
Other Information to Know
Student Technology 
Although we are returning in a small way to in-person learning, students will still need to bring their chromebook or personal computer device and earbuds/headphones to participate in class; a smartphone is not sufficient. If a student has a school-issued chromebook that is malfunctioning, or needs access to a device, they can email Assistant Principal Scott Cawlfield ( to receive information on repairing or replacing the device. All students are required to abide by BVSD’s Student Use of Technology.
Transportation for General Education Students
Transportation will not be provided until bus seating restrictions are lifted. Thus, there will most likely be no school bus transportation for the remainder of the year. 
Items to Bring Each Day

  • Mask (multiple masks, if needed or preferred)
  • Chromebook (device) and charger if you have been issued one already from BVSD
  • Water bottle and a snack
  • Headphones
  • School supplies (paper, pencil, calculator, pen)

 Spring Semester Bell Schedule 

We remain very determined to continue our work around serving our students with the beliefs that when you put students at the center of all decisions, they will continue to grow socially, emotionally and academically. We appreciate in advance your patience and understanding during these unprecedented times. As I mentioned, please don’t hesitate to contact me or any administrator if you have additional questions.


James A Hill Ed.D

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