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Principal's Message March 2023

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Dear BHS community,

It is hard to believe that we have spent more than an entire semester together. The new year is always an exciting time, where we can reset and refocus on the goals we hope to achieve throughout the year.

Here at Boulder High, we are renewing our efforts to make BHS “A Place for Everyone.” This can be seen in several ways, including our increase in mental health support for all students, including a new student support group for Spanish speakers, and our faculty learning more about how restorative and inclusive practices improves classroom relationships.

Restorative Practices
Restorative practices are a set of approaches aimed at promoting positive relationships, resolving conflicts, and repairing harm in a community. The focus is on restoring relationships and promoting accountability, healing and growth for all those involved in a conflict or harmful situation. This approach involves bringing together individuals who have been impacted by a harmful action to have open and honest conversations and find ways to make things right. It differs from traditional approaches to discipline which often focus on punishment, by promoting understanding, empathy, and taking responsibility for one's actions. Restorative practices are commonly used in schools, but can also be applied in various other settings such as families and communities.

Our counselors are deep into the registration process for our rising students. Please visit the BHS counseling registration page at this link for more information. 

Safety and Security
Please encourage your student to wear their school ID. Wearing a student ID card is an important component of school safety for several reasons. Most Importantly, it helps to identify a student as a member of the school community and provides them with access to the school building. Second, it helps to ensure the safety and security of all students, as it can easily identify individuals who do not belong on campus. Additionally, it serves as a form of identification in emergency situations, providing school officials and first responders with quick access to important information about the student. Overall, wearing a student ID card provides benefits to both the individual and the school community as a whole. 

We recently engaged in our annual 8th grade transition night and I was reminded about the allure of Boulder High and its community. As our next generation of students walked the halls, I overheard stories parents told their children about their times at Boulder High. I watched as the 8th graders asked questions about not only academics, but how to be involved during their high school years. It was a wonderful reminder of why I am so honored to serve this community. I enjoyed seeing both students and parents reconnect with families they hadn’t seen since prior to COVID. The collective excitement was contagious and though we have a few more months to go, it will be fun to welcome in another class of Panthers. That being said, I have enjoyed getting to know our upperclassmen and particularly enjoy talking about their plans after BHS. 

Thank you for welcoming me into the BHS community. Go Panthers!

With gratitude,

Dr. Morales
Principal, Boulder High

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