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Boulder High School


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boulder High is truly "a place for everyone" when it comes ​to our Music Department, including BandChoir and Orchestra.


From the most advanced students to the newly learning, those with lots of experience or only a little, students that only want a social experience to those with a musical career mindset. All students are given opportunities to grow in their understanding, love and appreciation of music through department and community collaboration.


View BHS Band Website for more information.  View BHS Pep Band Website for information on the after school ensemble which performs at all home football games and some basketball games.

Concert Band and Wind Ensemble are classes that meet during the school day in the fall and spring semesters. Each performs for school concerts, competitions, and graduation.

There are three jazz band courses offered at Boulder High School.  There are also opportunities to perform in Jazz Combos. Students interested in any of the jazz bands should enroll in Jazz Unlimited. Students will be placed into the correct ensemble once auditions have been finalized. All jazz groups perform at school concerts and compete in or attend several festivals during the year. The director and the students usually determine these festivals. They are announced as soon as possible.
  • Jazz Unlimited (Jazz Band 1): Members learn various musical styles and the basics of improvisation, as well as basic music theory. 
  • Landmark Jazz (Jazz Band 2): Members play a wide variety of music and continue their study of jazz through improvisation, music theory, and so forth.
  • Boulder Jazz (Jazz Band 3): Members play a wide variety of music, from swing to funk. The group often performs at various community events and competitions. Its members are among Boulder High's most skilled musicians.
All bands require an audition. Middle school directors will be contacted with information concerning these auditions; however, if you are unsure about the audition times and places or have any questions, please contact Beau Bryson (


View BHS Choir Website for more information.

Choir is a course designed to promote academic achievement through music expression, creation, theory, and aesthetic valuation. Students in choir will study a wide variety of choral music while developing vocal technique. A variety of travel and performance opportunities will be provided throughout the school year including a fall choir retreat, multiple school concerts, traveling tours, and music festivals.

There are three choirs offered at Boulder High School which are a year-long course. 

  • Concert Choir (N60): This course explores choral music from a wide variety of cultures and time periods through study and performance. Concert Choir emphasizes the basics of vocal technique, sight-reading, music theory, and music history.
  • Aria Choir (N62, Select Soprano/Alto Choir): This course is offered to treble voiced students as a progression in the choral sequence.  The student receives a deeper exploration of vocal technique, music theory, and music history through the study of a wide variety of choral music written for treble voices.
  • High Altitude (N64, Select Soprano/Alto/Tenor/Base Choir): This is an upper-level performance ensemble offered to experienced music students who are accomplished in vocal performance. Students will continue to develop vocal technique and musicianship as well as develop performance skills and critical thinking skills through the analysis of musical elements, including form and text. 


View BHS Orchestra Website for more information.

Everyone who wants to make music with an orchestral instrument is welcomed in the Boulder High Orchestras.​ Our orchestras can include pianists and harpists as well.

There are five orchestras offered at Boulder High School.

  • Symphony Orchestra 1 (N81): This class is for anyone interested in making music with violin, viola, 'cello or bass. Beginners are welcomed and no audition is required. Students will work on vibrato, shifting, advanced bow strokes, control, speed, playing in upper positions.
  • Symphony Orchestra 2 (N82): This class is the natural progression for Orchestra 1 and will continue with advancing technique study.
  • Orchestra 3 (N83): Audition is required for this class.  Students will work on more advanced string playing techniques and ensemble skills.
  • Chamber Orchestra 4 (N86): This is the most advanced orchestra focusing on chamber music and stringed orchestra repertoire from the past four centuries. Orchestra will also participate in state and national competitions.
  • Full Orchestra is a unique and exciting aspect of our Boulder High Music Department. Full Orchestra takes place during orchestra class time. We combine with the bands on a weekly basis, at minimum. Woodwind, brass, and percussion players wishing to participate in Full Orchestra should register for Concert Band or Wind Ensemble.​

​​Additional Music Links​

 Music Honors at Boulder High School

  • We have received the “Grammy Signature Schools” award 3 times!
  • We are a Rockley Family Foundation beneficiary. We receive 9 new practice pianos annually.
  • Boulder High music programs are invited as a select ensembles at the state Colorado Music Educators Conference. We are regularly seen both statewide and nationally as exceptional ensembles.
  • Regularly hosting residencies with area ensembles (Boulder Chamber Orchestra, Boulder Philharmonic, CU Boulder School of Music, Cantabile Singers, Colorado Chorale).
  • Performance travel opportunities for all students. Destinations include - Austria, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Los Angeles, New York, Norway, Orlando, Slovenia, and more to come.  
  • Boulder High School is the only BVSD high school with an ARTS FOCUS PATHWAY.  Students may graduate with an “Arts Focus Diploma” when they fulfill the requirements.
  • Boulder High Music Programs is a regular stop for recruiters from the top music schools in our state and region.

 Boulder Arts Focused Pathway

​View Boulder Arts Focus Pathway (BAFP) Website for all the details about this exciting program which Boulder High School offers to students who have a passion for the visual and performing arts.  An endorsement on a students' diploma is given for completing courses in the arts, mentoring with local artists, and making art an integral part of their lives.






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