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The goal of health education is to promote physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual well-being, not just to prevent disease. A healthy school is one where all students receive consistent and culturally sensitive messages reinforcing their personal worth, supporting individual and family differences, and emphasizing personal responsibility for health choices.  Given the potential consequences of risky health behaviors on overall wellness and academic achievement, a comprehensive health education program is a necessary element of the academic curriculum. Not only is it important for students to know basic health facts, but it is of equal importance for them to build self-esteem, develop skills for evaluating underlying values and beliefs related to health, and to make responsible decisions. It is through the acquisition of knowledge and the development of decision making skills that young people become more fully equipped to lead a healthier life.

Please be assured that Boulder Valley teachers receive specialized training in the appropriate presentation of health education topics. Therefore, we encourage parents to discuss their concerns with the health education teacher and/or school administration, before requesting an exclusion.

To meet BVSD requirements, students need 5 credits of Health in grades 9-12.

Health Courses

The Academic Planning Guide (APG) and the course selection videos on the BHS Academic Planning Website are great resources to use when selecting your courses.  This list of courses provides the most up to date course offering information about the course number, course description, requirements, credits, and if the course is NCAA eligible.  The Curriculum Essentials Document also provides good information.

Meet Our Health Teachers

Brenda Bumgardner

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-2148