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Visual Arts

Boulder High School Visual Arts Department has three full-time visual arts educators who offers an arts-rich environment where students develop their own unique voices through the creation of authentic works of art.  The art classes offered at our school includes many levels of Drawing & Painting, Pottery & Sculpture, Photography, Studio & Portfolio Arts as well as Digital Art & Design and Art History. Our teachers are practicing artists who seek to give students a feeling of personal satisfaction through the creative process while developing individual skills in the various areas of visual art. Students also have opportunities to compete in local, state, and national art shows and competitions.

Boulder High School's extensive fine art program is designed to develop an understanding and appreciation of art history and artistic judgment.  The goal is to give students a feeling of confidence and satisfaction through the creative process to help them develop individual skills and an individual voice in the various areas of art. Students develop a high-quality portfolio of work, which they can retain. Many students receive merit scholarships for art school and/or college.

To meet BVSD graduation requirements, students need 5 credits in either visual arts or music. We encourage students to take many visual arts courses to become a well-rounded, creative thinker. Note that California public colleges require two fine art semester classes for admittance. Please view their website for more information.

Boulder High Visual Arts - Official Website


Boulder Arts Focus Pathway (BAFP)

Boulder High School is proud to offer the Boulder Arts Focus Pathway (BAFP). ​​This is an exciting program for students who have a passion for the visual and performing arts to earn an endorsement on their diploma for completing courses in the arts, mentoring with local artists, and making art an integral part of their lives. Colleges, universities,​​ and employers will recognize the creative problem solving, innovative ideas, and collaboration of this select group of emerging student visual and performing artists. All visual arts classes qualify for the BAFP program.

Boulder Arts Focus Pathway (BAFP) Website

Visual Arts Courses

The Academic Planning Guide (APG) and the course selection videos on the BHS Academic Planning Website are great resources to use when selecting your courses.  This list of courses provides the most up to date course offering information about the course number, course description, requirements, credits, and if the course is NCAA eligible.  The Curriculum Essentials Document also provides good information.

Meet our Visual Art Teachers

Claudia Lastella

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-5466

Kate Villarreal

Job Title: Teacher
Phone Numbers:
School: 720-561-2316
Website (Personal):