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World Languages

Boulder High School is proud to offer five world languages: Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Japanese.​​​ Each language class offers several levels of study including Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

Studying a world language broadens students' perspectives by introducing them to new customs, literature, art, food, music, history, and more.   According to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL), there are many benefits with learning a new language.  See ACTFL Website for more details.

​Students need at least 10 credits of a world language, level 2 or higher, for graduation. Many colleges require three years of a world language for admission, but we highly encourage students to take a world language through at least level 4.  View the BHS AP Focus Program Website for details about the Advanced Placement World Language classes and the AP Achievement Recognition Cord offered at Boulder High School.

For additional information, please view the list of teachers personal website under their photo below or visit the one of the following websites. Each have links to the individual teachers' website.

Note that many of the world language teachers are sponsors for a language club. See details at the BHS Clubs Website.


World Language Distinction & Biliteracy

Boulder High students who have excelled in learning another language have the opportunity to be recognized at graduation with the following awards. Please see the BHS World Language Distinction & Biliteracy Website for more details.

  • Distinction in World Languages
  • Seal of Biliteracy Endorsement



BVSD Graduation Requirements

Minimum Required Courses

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Language

Second Language Acquisition: 10 credits in grades 912

  • 10 in World Languages, Level 2 or higher (10 in approved English Language Acquisition for Emerging Bilingual students)

World Language Courses

The Academic Planning Guide (APG) and the course selection videos on the BHS Academic Planning Website are great resources to use when selecting your courses.  This list of courses provides the most up to date course offering information about the course number, course description, requirements, credits, and if the course is NCAA eligible.  The Curriculum Essentials Document also provides good information.

To view course options, click on the "+" next to Course Catalog header below.

Meet our World Language Teachers

Lisa Barbato

Teacher, Spanish

Yoshiko Dolbear

William Geisz

Teacher, Spanish

Samantha Johnson

Teacher, Spanish

Isabelle Laird

Teacher, French

Cristi Lavaux

Teacher, Spanish

Andrew McDonald

Teacher, Spanish

Eduardo Montes Romero

Mary O'Brien

Teacher, Substitute

Helena Shirai

Teacher, German

Helen Vickery

Teacher, Latin