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Business Pathway

APG: Business Pathway

Business Pathway Certificates

BVSD Business Completion Certificate

For those students who satisfactorily complete at least two business courses during their high school career or complete the yearlong Marketing 1 course, the Boulder Valley School District offers a Business Completion Certificate.

Boulder High School Business Pathway Certificate

In addition to the BVSD Business Completion Certificate, students who satisfactorily complete a three-business-course sequence will receive a Boulder High School Business Pathway Completion Certificate. For this certificate, Boulder High students must choose any three of the following courses:

Business Courses (semester long, can be taken in isolation and in any order)

·  Legal Environment of Business, B44

·  Personal Finance, B104

·  Principles of Management, B60

·  Entrepreneurial Operations, B92

Marketing Courses (semester long courses, coupled into year-long courses of study)

Marketing I (Year 1 of Marketing Pathway)

·  Sem 1: Principles of Marketing A WT, B80

·  Sem 2: Principles of Marketing B WT, B81

Marketing II (Year 2 of the Marketing Pathway -  Prerequisite = Marketing I)

·  Sem 1: Principles of Advertising WT, B86

·  Sem 2: Strategic Marketing WT, B82

Marketing III (Year 3 of the Marketing Pathway - Prerequisite = Marketing II)

·  Sem 1: Project Management in Action WT, B103

·  Sem 2: Event Marketing/Communications WT, B05