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World Language Distinction & Biliteracy

Boulder High School is excited to be able to provide learning opportunities in five world languages: Spanish, French, German, Latin, and Japanese.  Students are able to take a language all four years at Boulder High and be able to graduate with special honors in World Languages.  Information about the "Colorado Seal of Biliteracy Endorsement" and "World Language Distinction" is listed below.  If you have any questions, please contact the Boulder High Counseling Office.


Seal of Biliteracy Endorsement at Graduation

In recognition of the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy, the Boulder Valley School District is proud to offer the Colorado Seal of Biliteracy Endorsement. The Seal will be awarded to graduating BVSD students who meet the criteria set forth in state legislation, passed March 2017. A Seal of Biliteracy serves as formal recognition of students who have studied and attained high levels of proficiency in English and another language. This award can be received by both students coming from bilingual households as well as native English speaking students who become proficient in another language through their language classes. 

FAQs: Seal of Biliteracy Endorsement