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Class Fees & Supplies

Class Fees paid online with RevTrak 

BHS RevTrak Website:

Additional Fee Information

For additional information on the BVSD Fees and Payment options, please visit the BHS Fees & Payment Website.


APG: BHS Supplies & Fees

Supplies & Fees

According to Colorado statute, students may be required to bring specific, necessary supplies for their own use in the classroom and to procure supplies and equipment required to carry on the musical, dramatic, athletic, and equivalent programs of the district. 

Each year, the Boulder Valley School Board authorizes a list of fees for materials used in certain classrooms. Some of the fees are optional while others are deemed necessary for participation in particular classes. Notice of these fees is given in course descriptions or by the teacher within the first few days of class. 

Miscellaneous fees may also be collected to cover the cost of entrance, meals, and lodging for field trips.  The cost of particular requested services (such as additional copies of transcripts, AP exams, postage, directories, handbooks, newsletters, etc.) may be passed on to the student.

More information can be found on the BHS Class Fees & Supplies Website. Boulder HS Fees can be paid through RevTrak at: 

Fees may be waived for students qualifying for the free and reduced lunch program. Information on this program is available in the main office or online at  

Equipment Rental Fees

  • A TI Graphing Calculator can be rented for the year for $30.  Pay through RevTrak link.
  • Orchestra Instrument Rental. Pay through RevTrak link.
  • Band Instrument Rental. Pay through RevTrak link

School Supplies

There is no supply list at the high school level. Each individual teacher will provide a supply list for their class during the first week of school.  Bringing a notepad and pen/pencil to classes the first few days of school is a good idea.

Math classes typically require a Scientific Calculator.  For the higher level Math classes, students will need a Graphing Calculator similar to the TI-84 models.  Calculator rentals are available to students if needed.