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Final Exams

BHS Student Handbook: Final-Exams

Final Culminating Experience/Examination

There will be a final culminating experience in all courses, which shall include an assessment of student achievement. Students are expected to attend all classes held during the week of final exams.

BHS Student Handbook: Academic Policies-Final Exams

Boulder High School conforms to and complies with Boulder Valley School District Policy and Regulations (BVSD Policy IKA/IKAA/IKAB and IKA-R/IKAA-R/IKAB-R). Only in the documented circumstances of an emergency can students be excused from Final Exams. 

Additional Exams at Boulder High

Please view the BHS Testing Information Website for more information on the other testing that happens at Boulder High School. This includes AP exams, college entrance exams (PSAT/SAT/ACT), and state assessments.