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Classes Outside of Boulder High

As a high school student at Boulder High School, there are many opportunities to follow your interests and take classes outside of our school.  This flexibility helps to meet students where they are at in hopes to improve engagement and help to successfully complete the high school diploma. In addition, many of the classes offered can used for both high school graduation credits as well as college credits for obtaining a future degree or certificate.

Learning Opportunities Outside of Boulder High School

College In High School as a 5th Year Senior

ASCENT Program

Complete a 5th year of High School but take college courses instead! 

ASCENT (Accelerating Students through Concurrent Enrollment) is a “5th Year Program” in which seniors remain enrolled in high school and take a year of college classes. To qualify, students need to have met all of their high school graduation requirements and have 12 credit hours of college-level courses prior to the end of their senior year.

Through the ASCENT program, BVSD pays the tuition for students to take a year of college courses at a community college after their senior year.  Students are responsible for payment of fees and booksIf a student plans appropriately, they can complete that 5th year of High School with as much as two years of college paid for.