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Community Update

Boulder High School Community,

Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic in concert with the start of a new school year. We know you have been waiting to receive key information that under normal circumstances would have been shared by now in a typical school year. My goal will always be not only to share information in a timely manner but also to ensure that the information is clear and accurate while aligning with the greater Boulder Valley School District. 

Although this school year will look different from years past, our staff is working hard to make this a successful and engaging year for our students. When students log on to Home Learning, our teachers will welcome them back, while being aware that some students are still affected by all the ongoing changes. Letting students know we care, and exhibiting kindness, understanding, and flexibility, will be critical to building trust and relationships between teachers and students. Of course, we will continue to maintain high expectations and encourage students to achieve at their maximum level. This comes with a deliberate balance of caring for them first and educating them next. We know we need to meet the needs of students who have been through many unexpected challenges in the last few months, so we plan to start the first day with relationships. I believe that when students feel valued and cared for, when they feel seen and understood, there is no level they cannot rise to.   

Shifting gears, below is information concerning the start of the school year, including the Boulder High School Home Learning schedule and our rationale, as well as other information. We recognize that no schedule is perfect, but schedules should strive to meet the needs of all students. Because this schedule may not work for every student, we will do what we can to assist individual students to meet their unique needs. Please note that no student will ever be denied a class they need as a graduation requirement.

Schedule for First Day of School: Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday, August 26: Special Schedule for ALL students for the first day

Freshman Seminar and New Student Orientation 8:30-9:45
Period 1 10:00-10:55
Period 2 11:10-12:05
Lunch 12:05-12:45
Period 3 1:00-1:55
Period 4 2:10-3:05
Support and Advisory 3:10-3:45


2020-21 Boulder High Bell Schedule (Block Schedule)

Semester 1*: Periods 1–4


  • Teachers will post the weekly learning schedule/plan on Schoology by 1:30 pm for students to view.
  • Enrichment opportunities may be available for students.  
  • Administrators, counselors, and support staff will meet with students and families by invitation or appointment.
  • There will be no teacher/student contact (remotely or in person). Students may have assignments that day.
  • Teacher Professional Learning and Planning will be 1:30–4:00 pm. (This includes professional learning committees, staff meetings, department meeting rotations, etc.)


Period 1 8:30-9:45
Period 2 10:00-11:15
Lunch 11:15-11:55
Period 3 12:10-1:25
Period 4 1:40-2:55
Support and Advisory;
Freshman Seminar will be Wednesdays
3:10 - 3:45


* The second semester schedule will follow this same format but for periods 5–8.

Student Schedules

In my last communication, I shared that we would release student schedules on Friday, August 21. Due to unanticipated variables, the new release date for student schedules is Monday, August 24. Counselors will continue to work on these schedules to balance classes and student needs. 

Boulder High School will be using a 4x4 block schedule, running periods 1–4 during the first semester and periods 5–8 during the second semester. This schedule has several advantages, especially given the difficulties presented to our school community during the pandemic.

  1. The 4x4 block promotes our students’ mental health and well-being by allowing them to focus on fewer classes at a time.  
  2. It offers continuity in learning to students and teachers by allowing them to focus on classes for an increased period of time. Running year-long classes in a semester prevents students from having to reestablish familiarity and norms with their classes after an eight-week break.
  3. Teachers and students have time to develop a good relationship. Running four class periods per semester reduces not only the number of students that teachers will be working with at one time but also the number of teachers that students will see in a semester.
  4. Large class time blocks and meeting four days per week will allow for flexibility in instructional time and methods.
  5. Students will have greater access to advisory and support periods with teachers (due to both the increased offerings of advisory and the fewer total teachers students need to see).
  6. This schedule allows students more time to process information daily, while also enabling them to delve more deeply into course content.

For this school year, students will now complete classes that usually last one year in a semester, and they will complete classes that usually last one semester in a quarter. For example, students will complete a year-long class like LA in one semester, and a semester-long class like PE in a quarter.

Note: Ignore the class times listed in Infinite Campus schedule and instead use the times listed above.

Counseling Office Update:

Beginning at 9:00am on Monday, August 24, students will be able to see their schedules in Infinite Campus. Please refer to the chart below for dates that classes will meet. In this schedule, semester-long classes will end in approximately 8 weeks.
Students will join their classes via Schoology on Wednesday, August 26.

Example IC Schedule


Semester 1 : 8/26/2012/18/20

Periods 8/2610/16  10/1912/18 
1 Latin 1 A Latin 1 B
2 Physical Science A Physical Science B
3 Algebra 1 A Algebra 1 B
4 OFF World Geography


Semester 2: 1/5/215/27/21

Periods 1/5/213/12/21* 3/15/215/27/21*
6 Orchestra 1 A Orchestra 1 B
7 Wellness in Action US Government
8 9th Grade Adv LA A 9th Grade Adv LA B

* These dates have been updated

Textbook and Chromebook Distribution Days

Textbook and Chromebook distribution days will be held Tuesday–Friday, August 25–28. Students will be able to check out a device, if needed, and collect textbooks, novels, packets, and so forth from their teachers. Please go to the Help at Schools Sign-Up page at and reserve a spot for your student. Directions for sign-up are here.

Returning Books from the 2019–2020 School Year

Due to many extenuating circumstances, students may have been unable to return books at our May drop off. If you need to return any books, please bring them with you during book distribution and avoid any future fines. 

I want to thank you all again for your patience and understanding during this time. We recognize how anxious you may be feeling with the amount of information given in such a short time. We truly are all in this together, and it is that same togetherness that will bring forth a healthy and successful school year. Like always, please do not hesitate to reach out to me or any administrator with questions or concerns you may have.


James A Hill, Ed.D