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Freshman Seminar


Creating an involved and academically engaged freshmen class within the larger BHS community. 


Promoting academicsocial, and emotional success through student-to-adult and student-to-student mentoring during weekly opportunities designed to develop skills and optimize achievement at the high school level.


Freshman seminar programming is a highly effective research-based practice to support the middle to high school transition for all students. 


The following are the main goals of Freshman Seminar:

  1. Ease the transition from middle school to high school for all freshmen by providing a smaller community atmosphere where everyone is welcomed and the drive for excellence is supported through a teacher-to-student and student-to-student mentoring process.
  2. Help to increase academic achievement in all subjects by providing freshman with an overview of skills that are necessary for success at the high school level.
  3. Build a stronger sense of community by requiring all freshmen along with their Panther Pride leaders to participate in school-based Give Back Days (GBDs) designed to increase ownership and pride in Boulder High.
  4. Provide every freshman a mentor teacher for support.
  5. Provide all freshmen models of success by pairing them with upperclassmen who have demonstrated achievement and good citizenship during their time at BHS. 

Program Structure

Freshman Seminar is primarily led by Panther Pride leaders with support and guidance from the seminar teacher.  Pride leaders are responsible for delivery of the majority of the content.  Teachers help and facilitate as needed.

Meet our Freshman Seminar Coordinator

Alayna Vuylsteke