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Student Support Services

Our motto, “A Place for Everyone,” resonates deep within our community as we continue to foster a learning environment that is based on high expectations, while ensuring that we meet the needs of all students.​

Student Support Centers

Opportunity Zone (O-ZONE)

The O-Zone​ is a multipurpose classroom open to students as a study hall or for online class support. The O-Zone provides the following supports periods 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8 in room 1116. For more information, please contact Jeff Santee at

O-Zone Uses

  • Study hall for students needing space, structure, and support to complete their schoolwork
  • Online class support for Boulder Universal classes, BVSD Online classes, and FuelEd (credit recovery) classes
  • Tutor Match Program for connecting O-Zone students with tutors through

Student Success Center (SSC)

Boulder High School’s Student Success Center is a place where all students can go to receive educational support from teachers, tutors and peers.  A strong emphasis will be on teaching students the executive functioning skills needed to be successful at BHS.

Engagement Center

This center provides support for students who would benefit from mentoring and intervention in a structured environment. Students are assigned by period based on need.

Additional Support

Boulder High School Counseling Office

For additional help and support, please visit the Counseling Website, contact your assigned Counselor or stop by the Counseling Office.

Mental Health Partners: School-based Interventionists

Boulder High School works in partnership with Boulder County Mental Health to provide intervention and prevention services at school.   For more information, please visit or contact one of our school-based interventionists:

  • Tracey Black - 720-561-2249;
  • Purnima Jagtap - 720-561-2222;

We also have a school social worker and a school psychologist who provide confidential services for students, families, and staff.

Student Support Team (SST)

The SST is an interdisciplinary team that works with parents/guardians to support students who are struggling for a variety of reasons: academic, behavioral, medical and/or psychological. The team develops an intervention support plan and monitors the progress of the student.


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