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Testing Information

Boulder High School students have final exams at the end of each semester.   In addition to these exams, in the Spring they also have state assessments (CMAS), college entrance exam (PSAT/SAT/ACT) and AP Testing.  Information on this additional testing is listed below.  For questions, please contact your BHS Counselor.

Boulder High School Test Scores

We are proud of all our students and their accomplishments.  Past test scores for our school can be found on our School Profile.

Test Dates

Please see the Current BHS Testing Schedule Website for current exam information & test dates.  Final Exam schedule can be found on the BHS Bell Schedule Website.

Test Preparation

Many of the assessments provide sample tests to help student prepare and get familiar with the test questions and testing environment. This information is listed on the individual testing page listed above.

May 2024 Final Exam Schedule

First page of the PDF file: MAY2024FINALEXAMSCHEDULE

Testing Overview & Schedule

Boulder High School Testing

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ADVanced Placement
(AP) Testing

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Application Deadline:
September 29th, 2023


Testing Accommodations for Standardized Tests 

Who: If your student currently receives accommodations in the classroom through a 504 plan, and they anticipate wanting to use these accommodations in a standardized test setting, then we will need to request accommodations through each testing service. Please note that you need only apply once for accommodations. Please see below for more information on the application process.

What: Students in 9th & 10th grade take the PSAT 9/10 at Boulder High in April, and 11th graders take the SAT.  If your student is in an AP class and intends on taking the AP test in May, you will also need to apply for accommodations. 

How: If your student will need accommodations for the PSAT 10, SAT, or AP exams, please fill out, sign, and return the following form to your counselor by Winter Break.

College board: consent Form for Accommodations Request

If your student plans to take the ACT (which you will have to pay for and sign up for on your own) and you wish to receive accommodations for this test, you will need to fill out and return the following form to your counselor: 

ACT: Consent form to Release Information to ACT

Special note for students wanting to take the ACT: Your student will have to sign up for the test and you will need to let us know which test date they have selected before we are able to submit an accommodations request. You will also need to provide us with their TAA pin number, which will be given after your student signs up for the ACT test.

Finally, please note that applying for accommodations is in no way a guarantee your student will receive them. If you are denied accommodations, the testing organization will let you know why (and what you can do to bolster your request). Once you've taken care of the outstanding issue, we can, at your request, apply again for you.

Please contact your counselor with further questions.