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Boulder High Athletes,

I hope you are doing well and keeping in shape.  Soon we will return to our various venues of competition.  As you know during the summer at BHS we normally have a vigorous off season weights program, that the entire athletic program endorses and participates in.  This year we want to be in shape when the time comes and we are given return to participate all clear from the county health department and school district.  The athletic department has hired Coach Bishop as our strength and conditioning coach for this summer and he has designed a virtual workout program to get the Panthers ready for the upcoming seasons.  Please see below a message from Coach Bishop.  All the details are also posted on BHS Summer Conditioning Website.  I hope that you will participate and have a great summer.

Stay safe and health,

Mr. Hartnett, AD Boulder High School

Dear BHS Athletes, 

I want to start with telling you what I told the football team; ¨We will not use this time as an excuse and we will get ready and better this summer. If you do this program and commit to getting better everyday, you will be prepared mentally and physically.  I am writing to invite all of you to join in our virtual workouts starting June 1st. These workouts will be all body weight and accessible from your living room. However, it is encouraged that you find something to act as a weight such as a 1-5 gallon jug of water, rocks, cinder blocks, etc. The workouts will be high intensity and focused on individual athlete´s gains. This program will be designed to get us ready to compete at a high level upon return. The program we will use is designed by the team at Teambuildr, The University of Oklahoma Strength and Conditioning staff, and local gyms. All workouts are designed to help with, but not limited to, muscle toning, muscle gains, injury prevention, and so much more. Although the online program will be all virtual, speed, agility and plyo workouts will also be given for individual completion.  This is a five week program that, if followed correctly, will help you as an athlete no matter the sport. There is no cost to participate except that we ask that you show up consistently and put in MAX effort. 

-Coach Bishop