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Sports Conditioning

The Boulder Strength & Conditioning programs goal is to ensure that the benefits that they gain from the program are life long. Our hope is that every athlete that passes through our program, gains the knowledge of a good and healthy lifestyle to help them become better students, athletes, and members of society.

Boulder High Strength & Conditioning


The BHS strength and conditioning program is offered to all Boulder High School athletes over the summer months. We offer many different programs to meet the needs of all of our student-athletes based upon ability, age and commitment level. We will use the State-of-the-art program Teambuildr that breaks the workouts into sport, position, and person specific.  


Top of the line training. Each athlete is enrolled into a program where they will not only get sport specific training but also position specific training. The program will be managed by the Head Conditioning Coach/Coordinator and shared with all Head Coaches. 


It is VITAL that we as a school do whatever it takes to be able to compete at the 5A level. Not only will this summer program allow us to get BIGGER, FASTER AND STRONGER, but it is built around injury prevention and lifelong health.


Any and all student athletes that are interested in taking their game to the next level. This includes incoming freshmen as well as graduated seniors.

What does S.T.A.N.D.O.U.T mean?

S - Show Up
T - Together No Matter What
A - Always Give Thanks
N - Never Quit,
      Never Let Others Quit
D - Do What's Right
O - Overcome
U - Uplift
T - Take Nothing for Granted