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Clubs & Activities

Boulder High School offers a wide variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to fit anyone's interests.

Club Categories

​Boulder High School follows the District Student Organization Policy (Policy IGDA & IGDA-R).  

There are three categories of clubs/organizations in BVSD.

Category 1: School-Sponsored Activity

  • These clubs/organizations are established at the discretion of BVSD.  You must contact the Superintendent's office to start a club in this category.

Category 2: School-Sponsored Academic Organization

  • An application must be submitted to the Superintendent for approval.  To do this, a faculty sponsor (a teacher of a subject closely related to the club) must be found and an application (see below) needs to be filled out.  This is submitted & reviewed by the Assistant Principal (AP) who in turn forwards it to the Superintendent's office for review.  This process only needs to be done once.

Category 3: Student-Initiated and Led Organization

  • Each school year, the student organization needs to find a faculty sponsor and complete an application (see below).  The application is submitted to the Assistant Principal (AP) for review and approval.


​Application Forms for New Clubs

Don't see a club you're looking for? 

Students who wish to start a school club or student organization must print out and complete the appropriate application below.

*Online form coming soon...

For Clubs needing funding, please fill out the form below.


Boulder High School Club Coordinator

Jenni Bernstein

Support Assistant, Athletic