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Academic Planning

Our counselors are available to help students make course selections that align with their goals for after they graduate while making sure that the BVSD graduation requirements are met.  The following are great resources for academic planning at Boulder High School: 



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Information about these programs and pathways are helpful when selecting courses to take at Boulder High.


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Boulder High is a place for everyone, offering many of these special classes to meet the needs of all students. 

Classes Outside of
boulder high

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Students can follow their interests and take classes outside of Boulder High to earn graduation credits and possibly college credits.


BHS Student Handbook: Counseling-Course Load

Academic Planning

Course Load

Minimum enrollment for all students is six classes each semester. Per CHSAA rules, student athletes are required to have a minimum of five classes each semester. Part-time students are required to take a minimum of three classes per semester at Boulder High.

BHS Student Handbook: Counseling-New Students

New Students/Transfer Students

Coursework completed outside the BVSD District will be evaluated and approved for credit and for meeting graduation requirements. In addition, at least two semesters of attendance (a minimum of 50 credits) in a Boulder Valley high school are required to meet district graduation requirements for a diploma.

BHS Student Handbook: Counseling-Records

Transfer of Student Records

As part of the registration process for new students, a Release of Records form is provided. This form is forwarded by BHS to the former school. Upon receipt of the request, high school academic and health information is exchanged. Outstanding fines will delay this process.

BHS Student Handbook: Counseling-Withdrawal

Withdrawal From School

When a student moves out of the district or voluntarily withdraws from school, consent from a parent or guardian must be given. The student and parent may start the process by conferring with their counselor and obtaining forms from the Registrar. Arrangements to return all books and pay fines must be made. Failure to complete this procedure will result in a delay in the transfer of a student’s records to other schools.


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