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Course Selection

Important information to keep in mind when completing your course selection.

Guidelines for Choosing Courses at Boulder High

It is expected that all freshmen and sophomores be enrolled in six (6) classes. Junior and senior students are required to take a minimum of five (5) classes each semester. Students must have a minimum of five classes in order to participate in Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) sanctioned activities (high school sports).

New Students

New students are held responsible for District requirements while enrolled in a BVSD school. Coursework completed outside the District will be evaluated for credit and for meeting graduation requirements. In addition, at least two semesters of attendance (a minimum of 50 credits) in a Boulder Valley High School is required to meet District Graduation Requirements for a diploma.

Course Recommendations & Override

The current classroom teacher is the best person to advise students on the proper course level for the following year. A course advising day is built into the BHS schedule, and students will receive placement recommendations from each core academic teacher. If a student disagrees with a level placement recommendation, they may override the teacher’s recommendation by using the Recommendation Override Form. This form can be found on the Counseling Forms website at Be advised that there may not be room in the original class, should they override and then find that they are in fact not prepared for the class.

Athletic Eligibility

To maintain athletic eligibility, students must take a minimum of 25 credits each semester. If a student fails 10 credits, they are not athletically eligible. There are additional conditions for athletic eligibility. Please contact the Athletic Director or consult the BHS Athletic Department’s website:

Choosing Classes: Resources for Course Selection

​​​​​When selecting courses each year, remember that course selection is a team process that involves students, parents, counselors, and teachers. Students should consider their long-range and career goals and refer to the Graduation Requirements and the College Admission Requirements to make sure they're on track!

Instructions for Course Selection

BHS Course Sequence

Additional Information to Help with Course Selection

BHS Course Requirement Listing: "Big 5 Mighty 7"

This document provides a listing of specific courses at Boulder High School that meet the graduation requirements.