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Graduation Requirements

In addition to meeting the BVSD graduation requirements listed below, students must also demonstrate their competence in English and Mathematics, as required by Colorado's graduation guidelines. Please see the additional 2021 & Beyond BVSD Graduation Requirements for more information. 

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements Intro

BVSD Graduation Requirements 

Credits Required for Graduation: 220 (100 credits in grades 11–12)

These credit hours must be earned in areas listed below. Ten credits are equivalent to one full year of credit in a specific subject.

Minimum Required Courses 

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -LA

Language Arts: 40 credits in grades 9–12 

  • 10 in 9th Grade English Language Arts, grade 9 
  • 10 in 10th Grade English Language Arts, grade 10 
  • 10 in 11th Grade English Language Arts, grade 11 
  • 5 in Communication courses, grades 9–12
  • 5 in Language Arts Elective courses, grades 9–12 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -SS

Social Studies: 30 credits in grades 9–12 

  • 5 in U.S. Government, grade 9 
  • 5 in World Geography, grade 9 
  • 10 in World History, grade 10 
  • 10 in U.S. History, grade 11 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Math

Mathematics: 20 credits in grades 9-12

  • 10 in Algebra 1 or higher, grades 9–12 
  • 10 additional Math credits, grades 10–12 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Science

Science: 20 credits in grades 9–12 

  • 10 in Life Sciences, grades 9–12 
  • 10 in Physical Sciences, grades 9–12 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Health

Health: 5 credits in grades 10–12 

  • 5 credits, grade 10 recommended 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -PE

Physical Education: 15 credits in grades 9–12 

  • 5 in Wellness in Action, grade 9 
  • 10 in additional P.E. courses,
    balanced between individual fitness and team sports, grades 9–12
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Art

Fine Arts: 5 credits in grades 9–12 

  • 5 in Music or Art

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Language

Second Language Acquisition: 10 credits in grades 912

  • 10 in World Languages, Level 2 or higher (10 in approved English Language Acquisition for Emerging Bilingual students)
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -P-Arts

Practical Experiences/Arts: 5 credits in grades 9–12 

  • Business, Computer Science, Design Technology, Family and Consumer Education, TEC 

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Computer


  • Completion of an approved one-semester computer class in middle school or completion of a one-semester course that meets the computer requirement (Computer Science, Design Technology, or CTEC computer class). 
APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Money Mgmt

Money Management/Personal Finance

Completion of one of the following: 

  • B103S     •   B104S

  • B60S       •     B80S

  • B81S       •     B82S

  • B86S       •     B05S

  • H50S       •     H54S

  • T75S       •     T77S


Completion of the BVSD online program by the end of the fall semester of the senior year. (Course information can be found on BHS Outside Learning Opportunities Website)* 

*Note: If Money Management/Personal Finance is completed online, then one semester of Practical Experiences must be taken at Boulder High. 

APG: BVSD Graduation Requirements -Electives

Elective Courses: 70 credits beyond required courses in grades 9-12

Counseling Forms: 2022-23 Big 5 Mighty 7

BHS Course Requirement Listing: "Big 5 Mighty 7"

This document provides a listing of specific courses at Boulder High School that meet the graduation requirements.