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Schedule Changes

2023-2024 Deadlines to Change/Drop Classes

Counselors strive to balance class sizes before school begins. Classes will not be overloaded to make a schedule change. Below are the appropriate reasons to request a schedule change:

  • Seniors who need a course to fulfill graduation requirements.
  • Students who need to drop a course that has already been taken for credit.
  • Students who wish to drop a course. (Note: All students must have at least 6 courses each semester.)
  • Students who are placed in the incorrect level can request a change.

We will not be able to change schedules for the following reasons, and requests for the reasons below will not receive a response:

  • Requests for specific off periods (we cannot honor these requests)
  • Lunch switches
  • Teacher changes
  • Requests for a current class to be moved to a different period
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Schedule Change Deadlines for 2023-2024

APG: Class Level Change

Class Level Change

The first parent-teacher conferences are the usual level change deadline—normally before the end of the ninth week, first semester. Level changes in core courses are possible as long as there is room in the new class and it does not overload other classes by making the change. This level change should be teacher-initiated. If a student desires to change levels in a yearlong course for the second semester of the course, the student must do this before the second semester begins. Level changes for advanced single-semester courses that start in January (i.e., AP U.S. Government, AP Human Geography, and AP Psychology) can be made through the second semester parent-teacher conferences. 

If a student thinks that they are in the wrong level of a class, they need to have a discussion with their teacher and a decision must be made before or during parent-teacher conferences. A student cannot change levels after this. Once a change is made, the student will start the new level class with a “clean slate,” meaning their previous grade does not carry over. However, students will be held accountable for all class information on the final exam or culminating experience.