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College Planning

Role of the Counselor

Counselors meet with freshmen, sophomores, and juniors during classroom presentations, and with seniors individually to assist in planning high school curriculum and post-secondary options. Course selection is done with college entrance requirements in mind, although students intending to apply to specific selective colleges should be careful to check websites for current information on requirements. The junior credit check will be completed in the spring of junior year. Senior meetings should be completed by November of the senior year.

Senior Meetings

Students are responsible for scheduling their senior meeting. We are happy to schedule these at a time when parents and students can attend together. During the senior meeting, the student’s progress toward graduation is reviewed, and future plans and goals are discussed. Additional post-secondary planning is available and various resources—such as Naviance, visits by college admissions representatives, and college fairs—are offered to students. Whether a student decides to join the workforce or to seek additional educational training after high school graduation, it is to the student’s advantage to make use of the counseling services offered at Boulder High School. 

College Planning Timeline

College Research & Application Resources

Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Researching Colleges

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Admission Criteria

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College Application Process

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Career & Trade Planning

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