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Admission Criteria for Colleges

Approximately 85 percent of Boulder High students continue their formal education immediately after graduation. Should your plans include a college education, keep in mind that college admission decisions are based on the following criteria.

What Are Colleges Looking For?

Academic Units for Admission to Colorado Colleges & Universities

​1. High school graduation requirements are different from college entrance requirements. One academic unit (AU) for admission to college equals one year or 10 credits at the high school level, grades 9–12. Here are the requirements for Colorado public colleges:​

2. Out-of-state and private colleges may have different requirements. Refer to the individual college websites, usually on the Admissions page under “High School Preparation.” For example, California public universities require a full year of art or music for admission.

3. When you check admissions requirements on the college website, aim for the higher number of years in “suggested” requirements to be most competitive.

Factors in College Admissions*

*Percentage of colleges attributing different levels of importance to various recruitment strategies for first-time freshmen. NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling), 2019 State of College Admission

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