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Meet Our Counselors

The Boulder High School Counseling Department provides academic and personal/social support, as well as post-secondary planning guidance for all students. We assist with planning a meaningful course of study and navigating the school environment to encourage individual growth and development as lifelong learners.



Students and parents may schedule an appointment with their counselor either through the counseling office administrative assistant or by emailing their counselor. View the Counseling Website for contact information.

Counselor Change 

With more than 2,100 students, and a focus on maintaining balanced counselor caseloads, we do not allow counselor changes or requests for a specific counselor.

High School Counselor Role

High school counselors spend a lot of their time helping students make sure their course selections are aligned with their goals for after they graduate. In particular, counselors assist students in researching post-graduation opportunities such as college or professional training. When students apply to colleges, they often seek guidance from their counselors on how to complete the application, what to write about for their admission essay, and who to get letters of recommendation from. Counselors also continue the work with students on their social and emotional development, study skills, decision making, problem solving, and resiliency.


Mental Health Partners: School-based Interventionists

Boulder High School works in partnership with Boulder County Mental Health to provide intervention and prevention services at school.   For more information, please visit or contact one of our school-based interventionists:

  • Tracey Black, LPC - 720-561-2249;
  • Bethany Wells, LPC - 720-561-2222;

Meet our Counselors

Each Counselor is teamed with an Administrator to represent and support the student body and their families based on the students' last name.

2020-21 School Year Assignments

Below is the list for 2020-21 School Year.  The students' last name is used to determine which Counselor and Administrator are set to support them. 

  • A-CH -- Berman (Counselor); Lewis (Administrator)
  • CI-GM -- Valenzuela (Counselor); Lewis (Administrator)
  • GN-LAN -- Goulet (Counselor); Warfield (Administrator)
  • LAO-N -- Mowen (Counselor); Warfield (Administrator)
  • O-SHJ -- Bloom (Counselor); Cawlfield (Administrator)
  • SHK-Z -- Malkinson (Counselor); Cawlfield (Administrator)

Boulder High School Counseling Team

Joanna Berman

Counselor, A-Ch, Student Office Hours: Wed 11-11:45am

Andrew Bloom

Counselor, O-Shj, Student Office Hours: Tue-Fri 11:00a-12:00p

Marc Goulet

Counselor, Gn-Lan, Student Office Hours: Mon-Thu 11:15-11:55am

Julie Malkinson

Counselor, Shk-Z, Student Office Hours: Tue-Fri 11:30a-12:00p

Matt Mowen

Counselor, Lao-N, Office Hours: T,Th,F 11:15a-12:00p

Jen Valenzuela-Sliger

Counselor, Ci-Gm, Office Hours: Tue-Fri 3:15-4:00pm

Theresa Van Zante

School Support Assistant, Counseling