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Counseling Forms

Below are forms and documents from the BHS Counseling Department relating to academic planning, testing, transcripts, and post-secondary planning. Additional general forms and information can be found on the BHS School Forms Website.

Counseling Forms: On Campus College Visit - Absence Form

College Visit - On Campus Absence Form 

You may print this form or pick up a copy in the Counseling Office. You will fill out the names of the colleges you wish to visit and the dates that the college rep is visiting BHS. A teacher signature of the missed class is needed 48 hours prior to the visit. You must bring this signed form to the counseling office to be excused for the 30-minute visit. You must attend class before and/or after the visit is finished. 

Counseling Forms: 2023-24 Big 5 Mighty 7

BHS Course Requirement Listing: "Big 5 Mighty 7"

This document provides a listing of specific courses at Boulder High School that meet the graduation requirements.

Counseling Forms: Course Override

Course Override Form

You will need this form for choosing an advanced/AP class against teacher recommendation.

Counseling Forms: PE Credit Waiver

Physical Education (PE) Credit Waiver

Students can waive a total of 10 credits for all of high school (grades 9–12).

If approved, the student will be allowed a waiver of 1 credit per 15 hours of out of school sport/activity, with a maximum of three waived credits per year. Remember, waived credits do not count toward the 220 total credits required for a BVSD graduation; they only count toward the physical education requirement.  Also, all activities must occur during the regular school year; summer activities cannot be used to waive PE credit.  Finally, all sports/activities must have a competition or performance-based component.  Please contact your counselor with any additional questions.

Counseling Forms: Student Assistant

Student Assistant Form

Use this form if you are assisting a teacher in their classroom.

Counseling Forms: Transcript Request

Transcript Request Form

This Form Is for Alumni, Former Students, & Current Students Grades 9-11

To request a transcript from Boulder High School, please fill out this form. Additional information about requesting a transcript, including payment information, can be found on the BHS Transcripts Website. This form is only for alumni, former students, and current students in grades 9-11.

*BHS Transcript Request Form (pdf)

*Note: Seniors, DO NOT use this form to request transcripts for college/university applications. Those must be requested through Naviance: Go to the BHS College Application Process page for information. 


Counseling Forms: Off Campus College Visit - Absence Form

College Visit - Off Campus Pre-arranged Absence Form

Students must complete a pre-arranged absence form prior to visiting a college campus if they want their absence excused. Pre-arranged absence forms are not available online but can be picked up at the attendance desk in the main office. Students must get the required signatures (student, parent, teacher and administrator) and return form to the Attendance Office 24 hours before absence.