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Wellness Center

Are you feeling tired, burnout, or stressed? Do you wish there was a place on campus where you could go to escape the loud voices and noises of school and melt into peace? Well, look no more -- step into a sanctuary of serenity in the Wellness Center -- your oasis of zen amidst the hustle and bustle of typical high school life.


This safe haven invites you to find solace when the pressures of life and school weigh on you. Whether you seek relief from anxiety or stress about that upcoming exam, the mental fatigue of keeping up with your studies, or simply just need to recharge and retreat from the unnecessary chaos, the Wellness Center is the place to be.


With a room filled with comfy bean bags, tons of natural light, refreshing essential oils, foliage, weighted blankets, noise-canceling headphones, and an abundance of teas, the WC is here to support your wellbeing matters and guide you in your journey towards inner harmony and vitality.


So, take a moment for yourself -- take care and treat yourself. Visit the WC, where a soothing atmosphere awaits. Discover the power and purpose of peace and let it carry you through your day refreshed.


Visit the Wellness Center in Room 1122 in the Cafeteria.

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