Student Attendance Regulations

As required by Colorado State Law and BVSD Policy, students are expected to attend every day that school is in session. For further information in the District’s Attendance Policies (JH 6/25/13 and JH-R, 6/26/13), please refer to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Guide and State Law (C.R.S. 22-33-104), which require attendance at school for all students until the age of seventeen.


Students arriving late to class disrupt the learning environment and compromises student academic progress. Board policy states that because of the disruptive nature of tardiness on the non-tardy students’ right to an uninterrupted learning environment, appropriate penalties may be imposed. If a student is less than 5 minutes late to class, they will be marked tardy in Infinite Campus. Please note, if your student is more than 5 minutes tardy, it is considered an unexcused absence and will be marked as such in Infinite Campus. In order to maintain accurate attendance records, teachers will also make a notation in Infinite Campus indicating the number of minutes that the student was late. 

Tardy Policy:

  • On the third tardy to a class, teachers must call home and document in Frontline.
  • After the phone call to parents, if the student has two more unexcused tardies, they will be referred to the Administration and Engagement Specialist for consequences.
  • 10 unexcused tardies in a class---Detention.
  • 20 unexcused tardies in a class--Four hours of Saturday Community Service, Mandatory parent meeting.
  • 25+ unexcused tardies in a class--8 hours of Saturday Community Service.

Knowing that tardies and unexcused absences usually go hand in hand, the Administration may impose other penalties as they see fit including, but not limited to detention, Saturday Community Service and/or suspension.

Truancy Procedures

Truancy procedures will be initiated for students under the age of 17 who have excessive absences.  Specifically, the student and their parent/guardian will receive two letters stating that further absences will not be excused unless documentation is provided by a doctor. These processes will also be followed for students 17 and older, with the exception that students at this age are not referred to truancy.  If a student accrues 30 unexcused absences, administration will place the student on an attendance contract. In the rare case that a student continues to accrue unexcused absences after being placed on an attendance contract, he or she will be referred to truancy mediation with the BVSD Attendance Advocate. Please note that habitually absent students are at risk for being placed on a no-activities list, which means that they cannot attend or participate in extracurricular or school-sanctioned events held outside the school day.

Excusing Single Period Absence

Per School Board Policy, JH-R, attendance staff will not excuse single period absences without documentation (Doctor’s note, Dentist note, or court appearance).  If the note is forgotten it can be faxed in to 720-561-5317 within 48 hours of the absence. Notes cannot be written by student’s own parents. If a student needs to leave school due to illness, the student must visit the nurse’s office first to be excused. We cannot interrupt class to pull a student for an appointment; students should leave for appointment at the time needed.

Excusing Full Day(s) Absence(s)

Parents and Guardians must call in to the attendance office (720-561-5300) and provide information excusing the student’s day out of school, up to ten days without documentation.  We strongly recommend parents calling on the day of the absence to excuse their student. If it is not possible to call on the day of absence, a call must be made within two days (48 hours) after the absence or it will remain unexcused. Written notes or emails from parents will not be accepted to excuse an absence.

Excused absences include:

  • Temporary illness or injury
  • Extended absences due to physical, mental, or emotional disability
  • Medical or dental appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of the regular school day (documentation from care provider required)
  • Absences directly related to the primary handicapping condition of an identified handicapped student
  • Emergency, serious illness, or death in the family
  • An absence that occurs when the student is in the custody of court of law enforcement authorities
  • Absences due to suspension (in accordance with state law)
  • An absence resulting from participation in a work/study program, field trip, or athletic competition under the supervision of school
  • Extremely inclement weather
  • Participation in religious observances
  • An absence that is approved by an administrator of the school

Prearranged Absences

Prearranged absences include interviews with college admission officials, interviews with career employer representatives, special family activities, and extenuating circumstances as determined by the principal or their designee. Please have your student see attendance staff for a Prearranged Absence Form before the event. This will be signed by parents, teachers and a school administrator to excuse absences. Prearranged absences may necessitate a parent conference. The teacher of any class from which a student is absent shall determine what assignments the student shall make up and in what period of time the student shall complete such assignments. Upon satisfactory completion, full credit shall be granted. The tests and assignments shall be equivalent to, but not necessarily identical to, that which the student missed during the absence.

Missed Work for Absenteeism

Students with absences must make arrangements with the teacher to make up work for excused absences. The amount of time for completing makeup work is at the teacher’s discretion. Arrangements must be initiated within two school days of the absence. Work assigned prior to the absence is due on the original date or immediately upon return as per the teacher’s expectations. Work assigned while the student is absent will be due as per the arrangement between the teacher and the student. Students with pre-arranged absences are held responsible for all missed class information. All homework or projects that occur during a prearranged absence must be submitted as per the prior arrangement between the teacher and the student. It will be at the discretion of each teacher whether to accept makeup work (including exams) occurring during an unexcused absence.  No student can miss a class in order to make up work for another class.

School Notification Concerning Unexcused Absences

Unless the absence has been excused, the attendance staff will attempt to make a computerized telephone call concerning each class period missed. Parents and students may access attendance records via Infinite Campus. In an effort to support regular attendance, a letter will be sent home after 10 unexcused class-period absences. Another letter will be sent home at 20 unexcused class-period absences.

If a student wakes up sick in the morning but decides to come to school later that day because the illness has passed, the parent and/or the student must check in with attendance staff. The parent must make a follow-up phone call to the Dean of Students to correctly mark your student’s attendance.

Incorrectly Marked Absences

It is the student’s responsibility to get an attendance correction form from attendance staff and have the teacher sign it, then turn it back in to attendance. All updates will be available on Infinite Campus after the correction is made. Reminder, if your student is more than 5 minutes tardy, it is considered an absence.