Is co-teaching like being a student assistant?

No. The primary job of a co-teacher is to work directly with students in the classroom. Most likely they will tutor, support, or complement instruction. They may hand out materials, rotate among students to answer questions, and help students get caught up. They may also provide individual attention/clarification, answer questions, and monitor students during independent practice and labs. Some may teach a component of a lesson (warm-up, review) under the direction of the regular classroom teacher and serve as a resource to the students.

What do I get from co-teaching?

Students receive 5 credit hours for each semester and an awesome experience working with students.

Is there training for the co-teacher?

Yes. We will provide the initial training and other resources as necessary. Generally training is one time a month.

What are the different types of co-teaching?

Supportive co-teaching, parallel co-teaching, complementary co-teaching, and team teaching.

What are the prerequisites to co-teaching?

A teacher recommendation from the subject in which you would like to co-teach.

Will I get a grade?

There will be a grade: based on attendance, regular paperwork filled out, attendance at trainings, etc.

What if I can't commit to 5 hours a week?

You may want to peer tutor which you can do for credit also. Peer tutoring commitments range from 1-5 hours per week and should be agreed upon with the teacher you are working with.

What if I didn't get an A in the subject I want to co-teach in?

The most important thing is that you have a good attitude and a desire to help students.

What should I do if I am interested in either co-teaching or peer-tutoring?

Fill out an application (by using the link below or by getting a copy in the main office) and return it to Mrs. Bouchta or Mrs. Espinoza.