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After Prom

A dark blue banner that reads :FHS BHS After Prom: Two schools, one party.

After Prom Fundraising and Planning

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After Prom Website

HISTORY: After Prom was created by concerned parents and administrators after a series of tragic alcohol/drug related accidents claimed the lives of eleven Denver/Boulder Metro teens in the 1990s. After a three-year Covid hiatus and with the tragic deaths on prom night 2022, our goal is to reinstate After Prom this year and to keep it going for future years.

EVENT: After Prom is more than a party. It brings together students from Boulder’s two largest high schools for an epic and memorable night of fun. It provides food, music, activities, prizes, and most importantly, a safe ride home


After Prom is a 100% parent supported event that has been a tradition for 30 years. Support the After Prom fundraiser below to help bring back the event after a 3 year hiatus.

After Prom Fundraiser