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BHS Student Handbook: Student Parking

Student Parking

Parking is very limited at Boulder High School. Student parking for seniors only is in the lot between 13th and 14th streets and is available on a first come, first serve basis. Boulder High School sells more parking permits than spaces available to accommodate students coming and going into the lot throughout the course of the day. This means that purchasing a permit does not guarantee that a student will always have a spot in the lot but rather that they have the opportunity to park in the lot if a spot is available. A senior must purchase and display a parking sticker in the correct location on their vehicle in order to park in the lot. Stickers may be purchased from Revtrak, and the cost is $50.

Students who violate the parking policy are subject to A $50 TICKET ON THE FIRST AND SECOND OFFENSE.  IN THE EVENT OF A THIRD OFFENSE, THE VEHICLE MAY BE BOOTED OR TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE. In order for a boot to be removed from a vehicle, all fines must be paid in full.  Cars will also be towed if blocking fire lanes, driveways, or other vehicles. Cars will also be ticketed if parked in yellow areas or along curbs.

Additional information including parking rules, parking application, and appeal form can be found on the BHS Forms Website.

BHS Student Handbook: Scooter Parking

Scooter or Motorcycle Parking

Students who ride a scooter or motorcycle to school should park their bikes on the east side of the building by the bike racks adjacent to the main gymnasium.   Boulder High School is not responsible for scooters or motorcycles that are left on BHS property overnight. It is highly recommended that students do not leave their scooters or motorcycles on school property overnight.  Scooters or motorcycles that are parked and block the sidewalk may incur a fine.

BHS Student Handbook: Bike Parking

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle parking is available at several locations around the school. Do not lock bicycles to fences, trees or railings. These too may incur a fine. Boulder High School is not responsible for bicycles that are left on BHS property overnight. It is highly recommended that students do not leave their bicycles on school property overnight.

BHS Student Handbook: Neighborhood Parking

Neighborhood Parking

Parking in the neighborhoods around Boulder High are limited to two hours per zone.  Vehicles without parking permits may park in an NPP zone up to the posted time restriction one time per day. After parking in a zone for the posted time limit, vehicles must leave the zone and may NOT park in that zone again on the same day.  This means that you cannot park for more than two hours in a zone.  Simply moving your car from one side of the street to the other does not give you two more hours in that zone.  The City of Boulder will be monitoring the neighborhoods with more vigilance during this school year and wanted you to be aware of this rule.  Students will not be permitted to leave a class to move their car.

BHS Student Handbook: Visitor Parking

Visitors & Accessible Parking

Visitors must check in with the receptionist for a visitor’s badge. Visitors are asked to wear their badge while at the school. Accessible parking spaces are located in the 15th and 17th Streets parking lots. Visitor spaces are located only in the 15th Street lot. If visitor or disabled parking spaces are not available, please contact the receptionist at Boulder High, at 720-561-2200, for assistance with a parking space.