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BHS Student Handbook: Visitors


To ensure the safety and welfare of students and staff, all visitors are required by state statute to check in at the main office, using the visitor entrance in the front of the school.  Please know that you will not be allowed to roam the building on your own without prior approval from administration. If you wish to visit a teacher, counselor, or an administrator setting up an appointment prior to arriving is the most successful method. Visitors will not be allowed to randomly drop in on teachers. Once a visitor has checked in, they will be escorted to their proper destination.  It is also helpful to have the teacher meet you in the front office for any scheduled appointments. Additional information about visitors to the schools can be found in the BVSD Policy KI and KI-R.

BHS Student Handbook: Visitor Parking

Visitors & Accessible Parking

Visitors must check in with the receptionist for a visitor’s badge. Visitors are asked to wear their badge while at the school. Accessible parking spaces are located in the 15th and 17th Streets parking lots. Visitor spaces are located only in the 15th Street lot. If visitor or disabled parking spaces are not available, please contact the receptionist at Boulder High, at 720-561-2200, for assistance with a parking space.